About us

Eurtton Distribution Inc. (Pronounced – Eur-tton as in Europe Eur – ton) was established in 1998.

Eurtton Distribution Inc. has been marketing high quality housewares and home improvement products since opening in 1998. Offering products through three divisions – retail, wholesale and manufacturer direct. Eurtton Distribution Inc. provides both a superior level of service through experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Eurtton Distribution Inc. has been exporting kitchen cabinetry, vanity & Laundy cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing and complete home furniture to the Caribbean since 1998. We’re now expanding our business by offering those same products to our local market and at the same unbelievable prices and impeccable service we have become noted for.

Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers a one of a kind Shop at Home Service. We don’t just show up at your home with a briefcase and a couple of door samples…we bring our complete showroom to you and park it in your driveway. Yes…exactly that…a mobile showroom that is solar equipped and ready to go. It’s a showroom with everything the large showrooms have except we’ve done it better and we offer more. We offer more than kitchens, we offer flooring, tile, lighting, ceiling fans, window treatments, storage sheds, and furniture for every room in the home at below market prices.

Remodeling your new kitchen or bath should be an exciting time and can add considerable value to your home, but can be overwhelming with all the selections available. Our design experts have vast experience designing literally thousands of kitchens for all walks of life from low end rental units to very high end sophisticated kitchens – we’ve done them all. Let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams without having to run all over the place matching cabinets to countertop, cabinets and countertops to floors and backsplash…with Eurtton Distribution Inc. we offer everything under one mobile roof and best of all we bring it “ALL” to you.

Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers two ways of designing a kitchen with our traditional 2020 Design 3D software and our recently invented and introduced MAD (Model Aided Design). Bring your dream kitchen to life with 680 Piece Kitchen Design Kit. Steel base and walls printed with accurate scale ruler and guides. Easily move magnetic walls to the exact spot required to layout your new kitchen. All cabinets and accessories have installed magnets to easily attach and hold cabinets to the exact spot on the wall required. There simply isn’t an easier or faster way to lay out a kitchen and best of all you get to view a 3D scale model of your kitchen to visualize it better.All cabinets and parts are accurate, detailed and exact scale models of the actual product to allow perfect design. Faster, and more fun than computer design resulting in a much better visual. Allows for quick design changes and adjustments.

Once a design is finalized a picture can be taken for e-mailing and as a reference to transfer to 2020 Kitchen Design, Pro-Kitchen or any other computer design software.