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New Project


We are getting ready to assemble a new design for this amazing new construction home. We will be updating as this design develops.Imagine Contemporary Image1

Imagine Contemporary Image2

Watch as this new project design developes from a concept plan to final design. We are looking forward to complete this exciting project.

Everything so far is working out great. I love my new tub! Perfect size for me and master bath has worked out really well. Kitchen I am still assembling as I unpack boxes however I love the look and feel of it-it’s just what I was aiming for with the design. All is lovely. If you want to get pics done I’m good with that. Let me know.

Thanks again for everything. Colleen

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Love their service.

— Can America, Bermuda

Kitchen Design4

20-20 Kitchen Design. Designed, sold and exported to Bermuda on 19/03/2014 by Jordan Mayne – This kitchen cabinets consisted of a European design in our Cabico Unique Series All Wood Cabinets – Finished in Figured Anigre with a polyester Wet Look Finish,

Kitchen Design2

20-20 Kitchen Design. Designed, sold and exported to Bermuda on 18/02/2015 by Jordan Mayne – This was a complex kitchen as we were combining a number of product to achieve a wet look white finish while trying to stay within a specific budget. We combined European Laminate doors with a wet look polyester plywood cabinet box. We custom covered various components including the top of a stairway half wall, toe lick and various other accents to match in a rolled wet look laminate. We custom designed and fitted the range hood to fit around a round window. This was quite the challenge as we had to make sure that all the various finishes and materials from different manufacturers matched in colour, texture and sheen.