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Instant Approvals are now available at Eurtton Distribution Inc. Use our mobile tablet application with card and ID scanning features for instant form pre-population to offer the fastest credit approvals available today.

You can be instantly approved for a virtual credit card usable only at Eurtton Distribution Inc. in a 100% paperless transaction. No paperwork scanning, signing or mailing and best of all, the whole process can be approved in 3 minutes.

It’s so simple….Our Salesperson logs in, Everything is secured with Air-Watch and is in the cloud. The salesperson ask customers for their driver license and a major credit card. They scan the bar code on the driver license to instantly populate the application.” The salesperson then scans one of the customers credit cards to match up with the credit bureau information, to avoid mistaken identities. The tablet is then given to the customer for them to confirm demographic information, they input their income, without having to tell the salesperson any personal information or how much they make. The customer then clicks submit and within 5-10 seconds they receive a response. It’s the fastest, most discrete and private program available to obtain credit.

You don’t get a plastic card… you get a QR code in your inbox. Security questions are set up, which are asked for again when you bring in your QR code for future purchases. You can show it to us on your phone, or print it.

Flexible Payment Plans:

You can select from an array of attractive financing options including the following; Equal monthly payment plans and deferred payments, no interest plans available. (oac) Customer pays a one time $49.99 Administration Fee per application.

It’s so easy – Apply – 3 Minute Process – Get Approved – Place your order

    a. 0% Interest – Deferred Payment (Same as Cash) Deferred payment 12 Months (F97.509F)

    b. 0% Interest with monthly payments over 18 months (F910.009F)

    c. Low Interest with monthly payments over 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 18, 24 or 36 months (3F91.589F – 6F92.139F – 9F92.759F – 12F93.509F – 13F93.759F – 14F94.009F – 18F95.009F – 24F96.509F – 36F97.409F

    d. Regular Interest as low as 7.99% (Lower Interest than a Bank) equal monthly payments over 12 – 72 months (F93.259F)

    e. Regular Interest as low as 9.99% (Lower Interest than a Bank) equal monthly payments over 3 – 72 months (F90.009F)

    e. Regular Interest Standard Revolving Credit (F91.509F)

Now you can purchase our MAD Kitchen Design System, Kitchen Cabinets, countertops, bathroom cabinets and fixtures, household appliances, Furniture, Home Décor, Flooring, tile, carpeting and much more right here with Eurtton Distribution Inc. Not only are you receiving higher quality products at lower prices, you can purchase at no interest or one of our deferred payments options.

Here’s an idea….Selling a house? How about installing a new kitchen or bathroom so your home is at it’s best and then defer your payments for 3 months…sell the house then pay it off!

Ask for details…

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